About Me

Just a little bit about me:  I graduated from college in December 2011 with a BS in Elementary Education with Middle School endorsements in Math and Language Arts. Even though I loved my third grade student teaching placement, I am definitely an upper elementary person :) The rest of the year I was subbing and learned a great deal about what I want and need in my classroom from those experiences.  Next year I will be teaching 4th grade..... in THAILAND!! I am so excited about this new adventure.  The hubby and I will be leaving in July for at least 2 years there.  It will be interesting to see how different and similar the school will be. It is based off of American schooling so I assume things will be somewhat similar.  And thankfully, the kids all know English so I will be able to teach in English!

Ok, I think that covers enough about me.  Oh one more thing, my blog name.  I am OBSESSED with stickers and stamps.  I already have quite the collection of stamps and stickers and I havent even had my own classroom yet.  I may enjoy them just slightly more than the kiddos!  Hopefully they love stamps and stickers in Thailand too or I am in BIG trouble. 

If you have any questions about anything please ask! 
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