Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is 12-12-12!!!!!!!!!! It is so cool.  The kids had no idea.  I asked them what was special about today.  I got a few "Its your birthday!". Sadly it is not.  I got a "Its Christmas!" (Apparently Christmas is NOT a big deal here.....).  Finally, someone said its December 12th, but they did not get it.

I began to write it down and a few of them realized.  Its 12-12-12!!  We talked about how this does not happen at all.... but then I got, it happened last year with 11-11-11.  Then and the year before that with 10-10-10.  Then someone said, it happened the month I was born too 2-2-02.  I had a revelation.

This has happened EVERY year of my 4th graders little lives.  It was shocking to me that they were spoiled in this way!

So then we had a long discussion about how rare this is. And that it will not happen again for 100 years (or 99 if you consider 11-11-2111, I was corrected ;] )

Then we wrote in our journals about what we think the world will be like in 100 years.  I was surprised that most of them struggled to think creatively about this.  I then prodded them by making silly suggestions.  The one they liked the most was "maybe we wont be wearing any clothes **really, really, really long pause** because we will be wearing space suits".  They wore shocked I would say such a thing!

Finally, at the end of the day I passed out little candy bags.  Each small bag had 12 M&Ms, 12 Reece's Pieces, 12 Mentos.  But I did not tell them 'what' was in the bag, that was their homework. I said that it contained something to do with 12-12-12.  They had to tell me what.  Some kids had NOOOOO idea how to figure it out.  Some said they would look it up on the internet...oh boy...  Some got it right away.   We will see what responses we get tomorrow.

What did/are you doing for 12-12-12??

p.s. sorry I haven't blogged in awhile.  We had some days off because of Thai holidays which were wonderful.  I got some Christmas shopping done and needed some time away from the internets.  Cant wait to show you my Christmas crafts though!

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  1. Great ideas for 12-12-12. My kiddos were the same way I had to write the date out so they realized how significant the date was.
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