Saturday, December 1, 2012


I can NOT believe it is December already.  But in honor of it is the new Currently from Farley.

Keeping up with shows makes my heart happy after long days at work!  Bones and Revenge are my current favorites!

I love that is December and things are becoming Christmasy!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! It is so weird to be in a foreign land during this time but I am excited to experience new things.  I went to the market yesterday and found this teeny tiny watch shop turned Christmas with real stuff from AMERICA!! I was stoked. I got myself a 3ft tree, some real lights that do not burn up as soon as they are plugged in and some decorations................ Only problem is I have only put 1 strand of lights (which is clearly not enough) and 2 ornaments on.  It is need of some help!

Can you see the one ornament that is on it!?!?!
Shopping! Who doesnt love shopping during Christmas.  The sales here are nothing compared but still I want to shop!  Plus, I need new dress pants for school.  Not having a dryer means I cant shrink my pants.  MAJOR problem.  Plus I have been losing weight - yippeeeeeee! - but again means problems with the pants!  ugh.  I will figure something out eventually.  

RAK - I LOVE this.  Random acts of kindness are my favorite things.  This week I have been planning on writing some notes of encouragement to my friends and family. I would love to include some goodies.  

Props Farley for this section.  I can not wait to see what others are planning on doing!

This week I am planning on starting a contest with my class.  We have two doors to our room. The boys get and the girls get the other.  Their goal is to create the best Christmas tree they can out of paper and other available materials.  We will also be discussing shapes during this time so we can try to include as many of our shapes as possible!  Then, the school is going to vote for the best one.  In order to vote, each person has to list an adjective describing the tree.  The girls especially seemed very into this but I think the guys will come around to it.  It will also be good bonding for my class.... because they NEED some mega bonding time!

What fun Christmas/holiday ideas are you doing in your classroom?? What crafts are you doing?


  1. Have fun shopping, I got most of mine done on Black Friday for my two little ones. Just a few things here and there still need to be picked up. I am new to 4th grade, but my team says they do a holiday party and I just picked up some foam crafts at Michael's for 60% off!!

  2. Love the tree! I think spending Christmas in a new and different place could be really exciting! Experiencing different traditions and customs is a super opportunity. Enjoy! Oh.. btw... I wish we could decorate our door. Your idea is awesome! I agree that the boys will come around.

  3. Hi...I just found your site from Farley's "Currently!" I can NOT believe it is December either!I just wish I could catch some of your Christmas spirit.


    Flamingos and Butterflies

  4. Hi,
    I just found your blog through Farley's Currently. But really made me look again was the state / country you listed. Are you really teaching in Thailand? How cool that would be! I would love to move to Italy with my family & teach. The craft I am doing my classroom for Christmas is tissue paper Advent wreaths (I teach at a Catholic school). The kids loved them & we will "light" a candle Monday morning with our construction paper flames.

    P.S. - I live in Ohio!
    Merry Christmas,

  5. Found your blog through the linky! wohoo. How is teaching in Thailand and what brought you there? I always thought it would be neat to teach in another country. I debated going to Iceland with my family and teaching there..only problem is, I don't know much Icelandic.. yep that won't help! :)

    In my class, we are going "Holiday's Around the World" and will be doing reading/writing/crafts on each Holiday. Then we will watch Olive the Other Reindeer our last day before break. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday!



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