Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DRA2 and first day with a sub

Tomorrow is my first day having a sub fill in for ME! I am used to being the substitute coming in for the real teachers but tomorrow I get to have a substitute.  It is somewhat silly because I have to be there as well but at least I don't have to do recess duty or deal with all of their silliness.

Why you might ask!?! Well tomorrow is my day to do my DRA2 testing.  This is my first time doing DRA2 but I am familiar with Running Records and all that jazz. I go through moments where I am freaking out about it and other moments when I think I can totally handle it.

I think where I get nervous or frustrated or lost is with my kids who are new to school who have never done DRA before.  I have no idea where to start them!  Plus, I have some ESL students who can read fine but have a hard time summarizing or giving details.  Ugh.  They make me nervous.  I don't want to overwhelm them with the test but I worry I will mess it up.

Plus all the other teachers keep telling me that it is a bear to grade and review and finalize! This makes me so so SO nervous.  I have visions of me staying after school all night to get them done and pulling all my hair out and having paper thrown all over my classroom.  You get the picture? I hope so! I am freaking out.

But I am also excited because this is yet another step in becoming a 'real' teacher and having to deal with all of this stuff.  Plus I get some one on one time with my kids so that could be nice.

Then I start thinking about how I am having a sub for the day.  But since I am still there Can I still come in and answer questions or teach something or be silly with them?!?  Or should I be completely removed from the class?  Also, I feel like I need to write everything down and explain everything but I will be there so I should be able to explain what I need to to her in the morning, right?

So many thoughts going through my head.  Now it is your turn, experienced teachers! Have you ever done DRA testing? Any advice on the testing itself? What about having a sub while still at the school? Are you visible or imaginary ;)  Please help a newbie out!!


  1. Lucky!!! We don't get subs for DRA testing! I did however sub frequently for other teachers when they were testing. Personally, even though they were around, I enjoyed it a heck of a lot more when they were completely out of the picture. If the teacher did show up, it made it difficult to pull the kids back to me and get them back under my control. I also appreciated it when my sub left me VERY detailed notes I could refer back to throughout the day. Although you will have time in the morning to talk with your sub, it's nice to have it written down if needed. :)

    As far as DRA testing goes.... it's really NOT bad at all. Last year was my first year and I've already finished this years. Take your time and grade HONESTLY. If they really didn't deserve that 3... don't give them that 3. The grading doesn't take forever... after the first few... it gets easier!

    You will be just fine. Again, I recommend planning for a sub as if you aren't there!!! Good luck!

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

    1. Thank you so so much for this encouragement. I tried my best to stay out of the room. I was only in there twice, right after lunch and at the end of the day! I also appreciate the honesty part. I used it today. I felt bad about giving a normally high achiever 2s but she truly didnt answer the question!

      I was able to get it all done in one day, grading and all! I'm very glad it's over though! Thanks again


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