Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DRA2 Update and Crafty

Today, I did my DRA testing and it was a lot better than I thought.  I definitely had my freak out moment this morning and almost lost it but once I got rolling it wasnt that hard.  I have a handful of readers that are well above grade level reading at a 50 independent at the beginning of 3rd grade.  I was told not to go past that this early since they wont have any where to go by the end of the year (we are supposed to stop at 60 in grade 4).

There were a couple times that I had to ask a pro for help about how to mark something or where to even start a new child who I knew was a struggling reader.  I was surprised at how serious some of the kids took the assessment.  But of course I had a couple who did not care and did not try as hard as I knew they could.  That is always disappointing.  Overall though it was a great experience and learning time.  I will be much more prepared and knowledgeable about it next time!

Since I was testing all day I wanted an activity that would allow kids to be pulled out.  So I had the kids do a craft!  They loved it and did awesome.  I was so pleased.  You may have seen this picture on Pinterest

bummer it doesnt link up; if you know where this came from let me know!
I LoVE this quote.  I have been wanting to post it in my class since the start.  Especially working at an Asian school, I feel it is important for them to know that mistakes are okay and that we just need to try our best.  Sometimes that is overlooked in this culture.  Anyway,  I wanted the kids to have some ownership over it so I outlined the letters and had them color it.  Since I have 17 students, half of the class had 3 letters and half had 2 letters.    We will glue them onto colored paper for a background and post it in our room.  This will be our daily reminder!  I was so proud of them when I saw how hard they worked on their letters and made it beautiful.  I can't wait to hang it up!

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