Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Encouragement

I just realized I have been terrible about remembering my Sunday Encouragement. Today I am being a little silly but it does have serious implications.  I typed YOLO into pinterest and found this picture that I really do like.  Although I think YOLO is a silly phrase, it is a fact of life that you only live once. It should be lived wisely and without worry right?!?

In honor of only living once, hubby and I added a new addition to our family last night.

Meet Suzy.  She is a shih tzu puppy.  She is so so SO cute!  We were planning on looking at dogs but were not planning on taking one home! I guess she was just so cute that we couldn't leave without her! This weekend was originally going to be used to figure out my writing lessons but has turned into puppy training.  It has been so fun!

Remember, you only live once! Take those risks. And enjoy life!  Happy Sunday everyone.

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