Friday, November 30, 2012

Adjective activity

Short post tonight since we are still celebrating Loy Kratong with fireworks every night and parties all around!  It has been so fun to experience festivities in new countries.

Anyway, we have begun discussing adjectives.  I have a few students who had nooooo idea what adjectives were.  So rather than jumping right into workbook pages, we decided to do something fun.

I got out our handy purple football, similar to a talking stick!  The students then requested to go outside so I went with it.  We got in a circle to play our game.  I chose a noun that we were going to describe.  Then, I tossed the ball to a student who had to name an adjective describing my chosen noun.  It worked out quite well.  Some of the kids had some great adjectives.  We did this for a couple rounds and then we got hot.

So we decided to walk around the playground.  Students would call out a noun and their partner had to name three adjectives to describe it.  It was quite enjoyable to watch them be creative and outside of traditional learning!

I was very pleased with this very spontaneous activity.  But it worked well and the kids loved it.  That is really all that matters right.  Sometimes you just have to throw the plans out the window and go with what is working!

This is one of our "fireworks" from last night.  The base is a clay pot that makes this fountain of fire. It was so so so coool!!

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