Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Encouragement

Today is Sunday. For me, the Sunday before school starts.  As the nerves set in and the anticipation builds I must remind myself of this one thing:

I may WILL mess up at some point during this first week and even more the following weeks, but those mistakes are proof of my existence.  They are proof that I am indeed trying. They are proof that I am human. A human trying to make a better life for myself and hopefully others as well.  I must remember these things.  I must focus on moving forward through everything.  This is my motto for the first week.  Maybe I should share this with my class as well!

Hope you all are encouraged to try new things and embrace the mistakes that come along the way.  Be blessed this week wherever you are in your teaching timeline and in life.  May you find reminders throughout the week that encourage you to continue doing what you do best!

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