Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Math Stations Review and Boggle

Reviewing for a math test is never fun.  Most kids never do it because they dont know what to study or how.  So I believe it is my duty to review for math in as fun a way as possible to help prepare them for the test!

I have tried group work, book work, worksheets, games, all sorts of things.  This is by far the best and easiest way we have reviewed so far!!  I was inspired by this pin which sadly led me no where helpful. But the concept sparked a plan.

Our Math book provides lots and lots of extra practice for the students.  It also provides review reteaching of each section.  With our chapter solely focusing on multiplication the best way to review is practice!

SO I copied the math book and the teacher book of the same reteaching pages.  (In Thailand we are allowed to do that ;] not sure the protocol in other areas.) I then cut them apart so that each station was focusing on one or two lessons from the chapter.  I glued the answers on one page and the questions and reviewing go on another. Of course I had to make it colorful and color coded!  Here is the lot of them.

Here is a close up of one card with answer sheet on the left side.

I then placed the problem cards around the room and the answer cards on the white board.  At first I had the answer cards this close together but quickly realized we need people room. So I spread them out so multiple people could check their answers at the same time.  

The students were able to work at their own pace and check their answers when they were done. It is also self differentiating.  Those that I knew needed extra practice in a certain area had to do all the problems and maybe skip a station they did not need to work on.  Those that take FOREVER but understand the concepts had to do 1 or 2 problems from each station.  My high achievers had to do all the problems at each station.  

It was beautiful!! The kids seemed to enjoy it as much as multiplication review can be!  It was great.  Then afterward I clipped them all together and wrote a note for myself for next year and slipped it into my files.

The other thing I finally accomplished was my Boggle board.  This was something similar to my Star Student Work board that I had wanted to do since the beginning of school but never got around to it.  My mother in law being the amazing woman that she is sent me a packet of perforated letters  for bulletin boards.  I laminated a set of them so I would be prepared for any bulletin board need! I then realized that I had everything I needed for boggle!

So here is my board.  My kids LOVE it.  It is the first week so we will see how it goes after that, but they work on it every chance they get!

Do you do Boggle in your classroom? How often do you change the letters? Do you have a winner? Do you check every kids paper for 'proper' words or do you let it be a just for fun thing?

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