Monday, February 4, 2013

TPT Sale Show & Tell

I am linking up with my new found friend Julie from My Journey to 5th Grade.  She is a fellow Michigander, even though I only went to university there, Michigan still has a special place in my heart!

My Journey to 5th Grade

This sale was quite motivating for me.  I had not planned on buying anything for awhile and then suddenly the sale through me into last minute Christmas shopping mode.  You know the feeling when you realize you dont have a single gift and the holiday is right around the corner.  So I mad dashed around the website trying to find things that would suite my upcoming needs.

Currently we are focusing on verbs and subject verb agreement.  Having almost all ESL or even ETL (English as a Third Language ;)) students this topic is hit very hard.  The saying 'Does that sound right' doesnt work for them because they have no idea! So we practice, and practice, and practice!! Hopefully now we can make it a little more fun too!

I then got these Math centers from 2nd Grade Shenanigans! I have been eyeing them for quite some time so I decided to dive in and get one.  I think my class will love them!

I am in DESPERATE need of organizing my library, so I bought these beautiful library labels.  Hopefully they motivate me to start organizing!  I was blessed to inherit a full library, but the books are thrown randomly on bookcases and it is a DISASTER!!

Finally, I know I am super late in the game, but I am beginning my research/understanding of Guided Reading. I have learned a lot about Literature Circles but want to see how Guided Reading might fit instead. So I bought this Guided Reading Guru packet to hopefully help.  

I then found one more thing I wanted to buy. It was posters from Lessons with Laughter.  They look amazing.  BUT that was all that I wanted.  I hate that TPT wont let me make a purchase under $3.00, especially during sales.  I understand credit card fees and things but it is sad.  I guess I am probably going to have to suck it up and pay full price for them!

Oh well, hop on over to the linky and see what fabulous things others have gotten!


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I'm your newest follower! :)
    ideas by jivey

  2. Thanks for linking up! For some reason, I can't see your pictures of your products, though.

    But, I am now your newest follower!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade


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