Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The past couple weeks have been full of events at school.  We have not had a full week of classes in awhile. I feel unable to really get into the groove because of it!! Anyone else ever feel that way when the schedule gets out of whack?  It doesn't help that it is a two-edged sword!  I love having fun activities and possibly extra free time but I hate losing teaching time and feeling rushed with things.

The reason today was Sports Day.  This is basically field day.  I believe the reason we have it in February is because come May/June it would be WAY to hot here to be safe.  It was quite a fun morning. I was in charge of a game called Ninja Time.  Who wouldn't like to play a game where you get to be ninjas!  Thankfully, Sports Day only goes until lunch so we did have the afternoon to work.

But nothing amazing happened to share.  Tomorrow I have a great lesson planned about similes...hopefully... so hopefully I can come back and share that with you then!

I did want to share one lovely event today with you.  I had the class check their homework with a partner.  I was standing over watching some students as they checked.  I pointed out to one student, who regularly tells me her answers are always right, that one of hers were wrong.  She looked at me quizzically and said, "But my dad wrote that one."  BAH!!! I just smiled and said "but its still wrong dear!"

Later I died laughing! Oh my goodness. How precious.  Hope you all are having a wonderful week.  Happy hump day! I will leave you with this.  Be thankful.  Found while Pinteresting

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