Sunday, February 17, 2013

No way! Me? Really!?!

This morning I was shocked when I opened my email and read a blog comment from Layla at Fancy Free in Fourth saying that I won the upper grade giveaway that she hosted.  Still I am in shock. No way!  Me? I never win anything!! I am so so so so SO EXCITED!!!  Thank you so much Layla!! I love your blog as is and now even more! ha. You should check her blog out if you havent.  She is amazing.

Fancy Free in Fourth


Anyway, this week my school is having a special celebration on Thursday. (We don't have school Friday, but do on Monday ]:  ) We are celebrating Thai culture.  We will have a large ceremony where all the students are involved and then the afternoon will have Thai games, sort of like a carnival.  I am quite intrigued by it all and a little nervous.  I think it is great to celebrate the culture though.

Do any of your school celebrate culture like this or in any other way.  Would something like this even be considered in a public school?  Just curious.

Enjoy your Sunday folks.

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