Wednesday, June 13, 2012

new blog with freebie

I decided to start this new blog so I have a specific place to blog about my teaching adventures, creations, ideas, and thoughts.  I have so far LOVED the blogging community and have already learned a great deal about teaching and found some wonderful resources for my classroom.

Just a little bit about me:  I graduated from college in December 2011 with a BS in Elementary Education with Middle School endorsements in Math and Language Arts. I am definitely an upper elementary person :) The rest of the year I was subbing and learned a great deal about what I want and need in my classroom from those experiences.  Next year I will be teaching 4th grade..... in THAILAND!! I am so excited about this new adventure.  The hubby and I will be leaving in July for at least 2 years there.  It will be interesting to see how different and similar the school will be. It is based off of American schooling so I assume things will be somewhat similar.  And thankfully, the kids all know English so I will be able to teach in English!

Ok, I think that covers enough about me.  Oh one more thing, my blog name.  I am OBSESSED with stickers and stamps.  I already have quite the collection of stamps and stickers and I havent even had my own classroom yet.  I may enjoy them just slightly more than the kiddos!  Hopefully they love stamps and stickers in Thailand too or I am in BIG trouble. 

Anyway, during the summer I hope to continue to find some amazing resources.  I have loved all of the free things that I have found.  I wanted to share one of things that I have made recently.  I know that spelling is something that all students need to work on.  So I created this resource that should be versatile for all grade levels.  I plan on doing this as a center or game and laminating it so it can be reused. Its called Scramble the Letters and requires a pair of students.  It asks the students to choose a spelling word and try to find other words within the word.  For example, if my word was 'scramble'  I can find 'ram, scam, crab, lamb' and many, many other words within just the one word.

Hopefully you enjoy this and hopefully I uploaded it correctly!  Here it is:  Scramble the Letters!!

What do you think?  Any advice to new teachers or new bloggers? I hope this is something I can keep up!


  1. Thailand--wow! I saw an episode of House Hunters International and it was beautiful! I'm new to blogging, too and I'm also your latest follower! I hope you get a chance to check out my blog:

    Grade Three is the Place For Me

    1. haha. We joke that we are going to be on House Hunters when we get there but we really arent! Thanks for following. Im headed over to your blog now!


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