Monday, June 25, 2012

Subbing Reflections: Procedures and Grading

          In continuing the mini series on subbing reflections, I wanted to talk a little bit about procedures and grading. This series is a reflection of the past year that I spent substituting in almost all grade levels!  It was quite chaotic the adventure. As a sub, I tried to make sure that things ran as close to normal as possible. During my student teaching that was something I quickly learned from the students.  They all asked if after my student teaching I would be their sub since I knew how the class was supposed to run.  They "hated" having substitutes that did not know what they were doing or the routine of the day.  So my goal was to keep it simple but hopefully somewhat normal.  
         However, often when I got into a classroom I was unaware of the procedures or the way classroom was run.  Teachers would give me lessons for the day but not information about their attendance procedures, or lunch or even indoor recess procedures!!  I have recently discovered several Sub Tubs or subbing packets that have had templates for teachers to include all of this information.  One of my most favorite things I found on pinterest is the Sub Tub from Terri Thorton which can be found at her TPT store here! This is something that I feel is very important for substitutes to have so that they can be aware of all or any information necessary! 

          The other thing that I often found myself wishing that I had was information or an explanation about grading.  I know that some teachers prefer to give a test or quiz while there is a substitute so that there is not instruction time for the substitute.  Although I do not mind this, I wish teachers would think it through a little more.  For example, it would be wonderful if the answer key was available so that I could potentially help the students with any questions they might have.  Or include page numbers from where the questions came from so I could find them.  Also, I often found myself with free time and would want to grade the tests/quizzes that the students just took.  I could sometimes grade right and wrong but not total the points or anything.  I know that teachers like to have control over grading and what not but if the test is easy to grade why not let the substitute do it!!  Leaving a grading guide or an answer key is ideal, it provides the opportunity for te sub to grade or help the students.  The teacher would just have to mention in the note that grading would be nice but is not necessary.   

          Including a list of procedures or grading tips is a simple thing that teachers can include in their sub plans in order to help out their substitutes. I hope to include all of these things in my sub plan folder that will remain visible in my room.  Hope this is helpful.  I feel like I am often preaching to the choir but again, this is more for my reflection and memory!  

What kinds of things do you include in your sub folders? Do you leave grading materials for your subs?


  1. Although you are in a higher grade than me, I just had to follow you. I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures in Thailand. What an UH-MAY-ZING opportunity. It is something that I always wanted to try, but never pulled that trigger. Soooooo glad I found you today.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    PS . . . People really leave tests for subs?? Maybe it's because I teach little kids, but I NEVER have subs give tests. NO one wants to give a quiz or a test (I know I loathe them) and I wouldn't want to stick someone else with it. Also, when the structure is off and I am absent, the kids don't seem to do as well.

    1. Thank you so much!! Most of the time when I had to give tests it was for middle or high schoolers. I definitely understand how change of routine throws off the younger ones. Thanks for following. I am heading over to your blog now!!

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