Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunday encouragement.... I know its Saturday :)

I know that today is Saturday, but I will be busy with a family get-together all day tomorrow and wont have time to blog! (which is probably a good thing since I am addicted!) Anyway, Sunday encouragement will be a new aspect of my blog.  I have found so many things on Pinterest (doesnt everyone!) and other places that have inspired me and encouraged me that I wanted to share some of these things and offer some encouragement to others on here as well.   If you want to follow my Pinterest stuff that would be awesome....I'm still learning how to get the linky thing on the side but hopefully that will be coming soon.  Until then here is a link to my Pinterest boards:

faith wins
First thing I wanted to share was this quote picture thing that has challenged me to change my perspective.  Choose faith over worry.  I love that it begins with the word choose.  This is a choice.  We have the power to choose how we feel and what we focus on!  I also love that it says faith over worry, not instead of but over.  For me not worrying isn't an option. I swear it is part of who I am.  However, I can choose faith OVER worry.  I need to work on ignoring the worry and focus on faith and on positive things.  I need to trust that things will work out and not worry about EVERYthing!

So this is my little thought for the day.  Sunday encouragement. You have the power to choose faith over worry!! Do it.  

Also, I recently found Amanda's new blog Teaching Maddeness and have fallen in love.  Not only is it super cute, it is full of wonderful ideas and information.  She is also incredibly popular :) which is lovely.  She has had her blog for a week and is already celebrating her 100 followers.  She is so gracious and having such a wonderful giveaway.  Hopefully I can follow in her footsteps...someday... and hopefully I can win! Choose faith, right? So click on over to Amanda's giveaway and check out what she has to offer!


  1. Hi Brittany!

    I am so glad we found one another's blogs! I LOVE the quote about worry that you posted. I am such a worrier and I totally needed this reminder tonight! I am printing this quote and putting it on my refrigerator :)


    1. Thank you so much!! Glad I could help :)


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