Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finally got to see my classroom

A couple days ago I got the outside tour of my school and today I got the inside tour!! It was so fun and so overwhelming at the same time. It is has been raining all day so my hair was very huge and I was in ratty clothes running around town. Once we got to school though I met all kinds of people. (I wish I would have known we were going to school today!) I felt awful for looking so crummy but everyone was so warm and inviting I don't think they cared.

Any hoooooo (focus Brittany) I got to see my classroom. I will show pics of the outsides and what not later. My classroom was surprisingly large. I was impressed with how much storage there is. I know just have to get everything organized!! I was left with lots and lots of things which is honestly a little crazy. Its a good thing I got here so early so that I can go through everything and figure out what I want to keep and what I need to get rid of.  

Today was quite interesting because not only did I see my classroom but also I made my first official teacher purchase. It was silly. I had bean bag chairs in my room that were being taken away, but the lady felt sorry for me and offered me some new ones, which I gladly accepted of course!! I even got to choose which colors I wanted for covers.  Then I was shown the other 4th grade teachers room. She had a wooden stool which I was fond of and the principal asked me if I wanted one, again of course I said yes!  Little did I know that this was something I had to order and then later fill out a form for. But still fun.  I also got my room key so I really do feel official.  Ok now for the long awaited pictures!
From the first entrance

From the second entrance. By law they have to have 2 doors!

From the other side of the room

Panoramic view of the back

The room apparently used to have a jungle theme....I am not impressed. It was a little too much for me.  I cant wait to get in and put my own stamp on things ;)


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  2. I think the room looks great! (Maybe I will get my link right this time!! =)
    First Grade Blue Skies

    1. Thank you so much!! I am very excited to get in and start working!!

  3. Wow, it's so open and clean! Can't wait to see it after you've put your touch on it.

  4. Wowww! Your room looks huge! I love the high ceilings, windows, and lighting!

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. Thanks so much. I love how big and bright it is. Plus I have fans and air conditioning which will definitely help with this hot weather!

  5. It is a really great room. From looking through your blog I think you will make it look fantastic!
    I came across your blog through Oh Boy 4th Grade! It's great!

    Your new follower,
    Hop on over and check it out! :)


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