Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teaching and Thailand...

Well today I was hoping to link up with Tara and Monday Made Its, but my day was quickly changed. Yesterday we found the house of our dreams. It was perfect.  Perfect cost, perfect location, perfect everything.  We told the owners we wanted the house and were planning on giving them a deposit this afternoon.  (side note, it is Tuesday night here just to clarify.)  So hubby and I decided to do some work on my classroom before meeting with the owners.  While working this morning we got a phone call saying that the owners accepted money from someone else this morning, thus taking the house away from us.  It was so incredibly sad.  
This beauty was 'our' house..... ($475 US dollars)
Anyway, our perfect afternoon turned into a sad and very different afternoon.  We ended up seeing a few more houses but could not get over the sadness... haha.  SO, after all of this we did end up getting a few things done in my classroom but not enough to show yet.  

But I did want to share a few other things about Thailand.  I went to the market yesterday and bought some fabric.  This was my first trip to the market and it was so cool.  But while there I bought 3 different fabrics for about 2 dollars a meter.  I was quite impressed with this cost. I guess I'm not too familiar with costs in the States but I bought 10.5 meters of fabric for 22 dollars.  I have 3 large bulletin boards and 2 small ones in the front (one of which I left covered in paper)  Anyway, this is my fabric.  The left fabric doesn't show well but I have close up pics too ;)

These are the close ups.  I LOVE the multi-colored one and wish I would have gotten other more colorful ones as well.... guess I will have to go back!
black and white
favorite :)
black and white polka dots :)
The other thing I am very excited about but do not have pictures for are baskets!! Baskets here come in ALL colors and sizes and are also very cheap!! I already have quite the stash in my room and will make great use of them. But I am very happy that they are cheap and readily available. I cant wait to label them and have a place for everything!  I hope to share pictures soon of some of the things I am doing.  I still need to get access to a printer so I don't have to hand write a bunch of things.... please let the printer be available soon!!


  1. Sad to hear about your house. House hunting was not fun for us either. On the bright side, cute fabric? :)

  2. So glad I found your blog! I can't wait to hear all your tales of teaching overseas.
    The Common Core Classroom

    1. Thanks so much Carrie. I cant wait to share all of my adventures ;)


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