Thursday, November 15, 2012

Class discussion and Pixar movie

Today my class had a discussion about diversity and tolerance.  Our school focuses on virtues as a way of solving problems and focusing on positive behavior.  After struggling with how isolated some of my kids are and how many cliques are in my class, I knew that we needed to address this issue head on.  I brought it up with our school counselor and she gave me this wonderful video to share with the class.  It is an award winning Pixar short video called "For the Birds".  It is only 3 minutes long but full of laughter and GREAT teaching points!

I don't want to ruin it for you but in case you don't have 3 minutes here is the gist.  The little birds are happy all bundled together but a bigger/different bird comes along and wants to join the group.  The little birds make fun of him and try to get rid of him.  The end is somewhat ambiguous but I like to think that the little birds end up needing the big bird at the end and they all get along!

Anyway this led to wonderful discussions about how we are all different and even though someone in our class might be different than us that does not mean we should not include them or work with them or play with them.  We should be tolerant of everyone regardless of differences.  I was so proud of my kids for making connections from this movie and our class.  They seemed to take it to heart and realize that things need to change!!

Just thought I would share this video.  Even if you do not need to use it for issues in your class, it will definitely provide some laughs! Enjoy

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