Saturday, November 17, 2012

Units of Time Matching Game

This week we have started our math unit on time.  Our last chapter was quite boring in depth, so I wanted to make this new chapter more fun.  We were able to go to the computer lab one day and play time math games.  For the most part the kids enjoyed it, even though for a few it was 'boring' still.

Anyway, we have been talking about units of time such as minutes, seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc.  I wanted to do something other than look at the chart the entire lesson, so I made these flash cards to use in a matching game.  I placed the cards on the floor and had students come up one by one to choose to cards and see if they matched.  It honestly took a lot longer than I thought it would because they did not watch carefully enough to see what cards had been looked at.  BUT they loved it!  They later asked if it could join our May Do list to practice on their own.  OF COURSE!!!! I said.  Now it is a race to see who can get to it first.

Another fabulous use:  I had a student who was really struggling with these concepts.  She is ESL and struggles with this vocabulary.  I printed off an extra set for her to take home and practice.  I made sure to label them so she knew which ones matched so she could study properly.  She enjoyed it and her mother was very pleased.
It brought me such joy that hopefully it will you as well.  I am very new to selling/offering things on TPT so please let me know if something is wrong with it!  Get your freebie here

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