Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Persuasion in commercials

This week we are looking at persuasion in multiple forms, specifically reading and writing.  But today we looked at it in the media as well.  I somewhat wish we would have done this a few weeks ago to look at the elections, but thankfully we did not have to deal with that here!

Anyway, I youtubed a bunch of commercials for us to look at as a class.  We talked about how commercials often try to get us to buy something, or believe something, or help someone, or all kinds of things.   We discussed that some commercials even try to show you how you will feel if you buy that one item.

I honestly had no idea how this would go because I am unfamiliar with television here and what prior knowledge my students have in relation to media.  But we went for it.  We looked at 10 commercials and filled out this worksheet, mostly on their own.

I was quite surprised with how it went.  Although our initial discussion was a struggle, when they saw the commercials and had to answer the questions it came easily to them.  It provided a great conversation for the power of the media and how careful we need to be with it.  BUT we also discussed how some commercials are wonderful because they get our parents to buy us stuff ;) Oh the joys of 4th grade!

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